clipping thing

sometimes i go outside with that long thing attached to me and we get in the car.  i like it when we do that because usually we go to the green place with the quacking things. but sometimes we go to that other place where there are other dogs and interesting smells. mommy took me there sometimes and she would tell me things like sit sammy sit and if i did i would get treats. there were other dogs there too but she didn’t tell them to sit. but then sometimes when we go there we go toward the back and then i remember that is where i don’t like to go and I try to be really heavy so they can’t take me in there but then mommy picks me up anyway. then they put me on that table and someone uses that noisy clipping thing. i don’t like that and I shiver until they are done and then mommy always gives me a treat. mommy and grandpa had a clipping thing like that today and they talked to me like mommy does at that other place but since grandpa had the clipping thing i don’t know why they talked to me that way. i also don’t know why grandma left and then came back later. mommy held me and talked to me in that same voice and grandpa used the clipping thing and then they said you were so good sammy and then they gave me treats anyway even though we were here and not at that scary place.


leave it sammy

today i went to mommy’s room and grabbed something out of that basket she has in there.  then i ran downstairs with it and showed it to mommy.  i thought she would chase me so i could run away but then she said leave it sammy. she said it again and didn’t chase me like i thought. then i remembered those words from before at that place where there are the other dogs and mommy and that lady with the treats said words at me. i remembered that when mommy said leave it sammy and i put the things down then she would pat me and sometimes i would get treats. so i tried doing that and then mommy said sammy you are such a good boy in that voice that is nice. then she went into the room with the food and got a treat from that thing and gave it to me.  i like it when mommy says sammy you are such a good boy in that voice and then i also get treats.


mommy said i should type something about what we did today. we did a lot today. it was the day when mommy stays here with me and does her work but a lot of things happened after that. mommy and grandma and grandpa all kept saying happybirthdaysammy. i don’t know what that means  but grandma also sang a song to me with those same words. after mommy closed up the typing thing grandma and grandpa and i went out in the car and went for a ride. i looked out the windows to see where we were going on both sides. then mommy and grandma went away and i stayed with grandpa and they came back with plastic things with that stuff called eye scream. there were two of them. after they finished eating part of them they let me lick the eye scream out of the plastic things.  then we rode to another place and mommy and grandma left again and i rode with grandpa while he put a tube called gas in the car.  then mommy and grandma came back and they had things that smelled like toys and snacks.  mommy kept saying wait sammy.  when we got back home they got that stuff out of the bags.  i jumped and jumped.  grandma gave me some puffy snacks. then mommy gave me an animal.  it makes noises but i don’t think it is alive.  i buried it under my blanket and then dug it out and then buried it. sometimes i flip it off the end of my nose.  then grandma got out something called cake.  she put one in front of my nose and i ate it fast. but then mommy said sammy you are too fast and got out that thing she holds out at me and pushes things and sometimes it flashes lights at me. and she was pointing it at me when grandma gave me another cake. i ate it fast again but they didn’t give me another one. happybirthdaysammy is good.


that thing

it’s doing that thing again today. that thing when mommy says it is raining.  i know it’s doing that when i get mommy to let me out in the morning and when she opens the back door everything is wet in my yard.  i don’t like that, and i don’t know where that stuff comes from.  i think mommy wants me to go out in the yard anyway but she is farther away from the wet than i am and she usually has those things on her feet.  if i go out in the wet then i get the wet on me too and it is cold. sometimes i will go out in the wet anyway but sometimes i stand far away from the door and hope mommy will forget what she wants me to do. i like those other mornings when mommy opens the door and it is warm instead. then i will run out there like mommy wants. just not in that rain thing.


today mommy grandma and grandpa brought new visitors home with them.  i remembered the big one from before.  but they also brought a little one with them.  he smelled familiar but i don’t remember him looking like that before.  he was about my size but not very furry so i’m not sure what he was.  they called him a bee but i think he was too big to be one of those.  he didn’t move very fast so i tried to lick his face.  he understood all about the chase game so it was okay when he grabbed my ears.  we went around and around and around from the room with the table into the room where mommy and i sit.  the bee would try to catch me and i would go past him fast. then he would laugh.  and sometimes he would throw the ball for me.  i hope that big one brings the bee one back soon.

grandpa in the back yard

mommy said i have fans who want me to type some more about my life.  i’m not sure what fans are but i can tell more about the life of sammy.  lately grandpa has been spending a lot of time in the back yard but i don’t know what he is doing out there.  he put in a lot of big posts first and now is putting in other wood things between them.  mommy helped one day but grandpa is doing most of it while mommy is not here.  they keep saying this will be better sammy because then you’ll have more room to run in the back yard but i haven’t figured out how wood things make more room to run around.  but it is nice because even when grandpa works a lot with the wood he almost always has time to take me for sammydoyouwanttogoforawalk.

mommy is back

mommy was gone for lots of days.  she went out the door with a big heavy thing and said grandpa will stay with you while i am gone but i didn’t know what that meant for sure.  then i didn’t see her for a long time.  but grandpa came a lot and we went for lots of walks and then when it got dark grandpa stayed here just like mommy does.  then grandpa didn’t come over and it dark and then mommy came in the door with that big heavy thing again.  then i licked and licked her hand because she was back.